Top Tips for Overcoming Fear

Have you always wanted to try an extreme sport? All your friends get excited about trying it out and instead, you get a major case of sweaty hands and racing heart. Fear can constrict you and stop you from trying out new things. It has the potential to leave you behind while all your friends have the time of their lives. So how can you overcome fear? Here are some of our top tips.


When it comes to coping with any stressor in our life, it always first boils down to acceptance. Picturing and accepting the worst outcome is the most important step here as it’ll allow you to progress without that worry on your mind. If you can’t bring yourself to accept it then do not continue because to succeed you need to envision positive outcomes throughout the course and you can’t do this without meeting acceptance first.


Visualizing the successful outcome is the most powerful weapon you have by your side. Whether it’s bungy jumping or that skateboarding stunt, you need to focus on what you want to happen. So you’ll be fully focused and determined on making it happen rather than worrying about what might not happen or the worst possible scenario.

Understanding The Concept Of Failure

You need to understand that the concept of failure Is a label you yourself put on a circumstance. It is not a condition, it is only as real as you make it out to be. For example, would you rather think of the many times you failed something or the fact that you learned something out of the many attempts you’ve made thus far? In competitive extreme sports, many freeze up at the thought of failure because of their past mistakes. What you should be thinking of instead is what you’ve learned from those attempts, what you know you should not do and what you can do differently.

Face Your Fear

You can’t really overcome your fear if you don’t work yourself up to face it in the first place. You understand the concept of failure, now just make a list of everything that you fear and re-label them. Re-think of how you should be addressing them- not as a failure but as someone who has learned what to avoid and how to improve. Address each of these fears one by one because you can’t expect to overcome them if you don’t find it in yourself to face them.

Embrace The Challenge

Focus on the countless hours of training you’ve had leading up to this day. Embrace the fact that all that hard work could potentially turn into successful completion if you think like a winner. Losing your cool is a guaranteed way to flop when it comes to extreme sports so you need to find a way to revel in the challenge and keep a calm head on your shoulders no matter what.

These are the top tips on overcoming fear. If you ever want to make it and stop feeling left out, then assess your fears. Look at them in a new light and be determined enough to make that change.

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